International Travel Opportunities

International Travel Opportunities

Are you interested in studying abroad while working on your major, minor, or general education requirements? Penn State has a wide range of study abroad programs around the world that span whole semesters, summer sessions, and even only a week or two. Broaden your horizons while enhancing your resume!

Go to:, and click on Programs and then search by term, program name, or location.

More than 2,400 Penn State students study abroad every year in more than 54 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Are you hoping to be one of those Penn State students who travels globally? Read about international opportunities for all Penn State students, no matter the campus.

Penn State Mont Alto proudly boasts its active participation in the Penn State International Studies Programs. We provide students with a variety of opportunities to study in foreign countries for varying periods of time—a week, a summer, a semester, or a full year.

Our objective is to offer our students a broader education than can be obtained through classroom experiences. To help foster this mindset, we have developed a number of international minors that will guide the interested students toward the achievement of their academic goals with a focus on the larger global community.

Join campus faculty who lead programs such as the Human Development and Family Studies in Italy program. The HDFS in Italy program is a seven-week summer program based in Florence, Italy. Students in this program go to ancient sites in Rome and Pompeii to learn about the history of the Italian family, visit schools in Florence and Arezzo for their Early Childhood in Italy class, and learn about the role of government, culture, and food in the contemporary Italian family through visits to local businesses and small towns. 

For more information on the HDFS in Italy program, email Dr. Robin Yaure at

Penn State Mont Alto students participated in ASIA 197A/199A courses and travelled to India to study agriculture, society, business, and health diversity. They visited the Taj Mahal, the Sadhana Forest Village, and the Akshardham Temple. Student projects on a variety of topics relating to their trip were presented at the 2016 PSMA Academic Festival.

Don't hesitate! Your ticket to the world is waiting!