Recommended Academic Plans (RAPs) for Penn State Mont Alto Degree Programs

Recommended Academic Plans (RAPs) for Penn State Mont Alto Degree Programs

Recommended Academic Plans (RAPs) provide, in table form, the courses students might schedule semester-by-semester as they pursue a particular degree.

These tables serve several University purposes and assist multiple constituencies: students, advisers, departments, deans, registrars, admissions officers, and family members. The plans:

  • Identify normal academic progress and course offerings needed and reveal course sequencing;
  • Assist students and advisers in planning students' schedules both short-term and long-range, registrars and departments in planning course offerings, and registrars and deans in determining when students should change campus;
  • Help prospective students and their families to anticipate the academic workload and courses needed to earn a degree and students to anticipate when courses will be offered in order to appropriately schedule prerequisites; and,
  • Serve as tools to help advisers learn the curriculum.

Semester scheduling recommendations for all baccalaureate and associate degree majors can also be found in the University Bulletin.

In addition to the degree programs listed below, Penn State Mont Alto students may choose to start one of the more than 160 Penn State degree programs here and then complete their program at another Penn State campus. Whatever academic goals you may have, there are options at Penn State Mont Alto to help you achieve those goals!

Each college or campus maintains Recommended Academic Plans for its own majors/degrees.

Bachelor Degree Program RAPs

Associate Degree Program RAPs