New Student Orientation (NSO)

New Student Orientation (NSO)

The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is committed to assisting you in learning more about academic requirements and resources you will need to be successful at Penn State. As a Penn State student, you are expected to take responsibility for your educational decisions, including:

  • choice of major,
  • choice of courses, and
  • gaining knowledge of Penn State policies and procedures.

Use this page as a check-list to ensure that you're meeting all the requirements for a successful New Student Orientation.

Getting Started (Before New Student Orientation / Advising Day)

  • You will use your Penn State access account (e.g. abc5123) to access the information below.
  • Complete your Pre-Registration Activity Guide.
  • Complete the online ALEKS Math Placement Exam.
    • Students who have paid their acceptance fees will receive an email with information about how to go online and take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam.  The exam will indicate the appropriate math and science courses for you to schedule.  Transfer students may or may not be required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam – an adviser will evaluate your transfer credits to determine if the placement exam must be taken prior to NSO. All survey and tests must be completed online prior to being invited for an NSO Day during the summer.  
  • Select your NSO date and register for it.  
    • After you complete the ALEKS Math Placement Exam you will receive an invitation to register for New Student Orientation. 
    • If only one date is available in the system, you must select and register for that date.
  • Complete your NSO homework / pre-work.
    • Bring completed homework to your NSO Advising Day!

On NSO Advising Day

  • Don't forget to bring your completed NSO homework assignment and your driver's license/photo ID!!
  • Contact us via phone (717-749-6056) or email ( if exceptional circumstances should require a change to your NSO advising day.
  • Are you unfamiliar with campus? No problem! Check out our online map with special NSO locations marked for your convenience. Go ahead - play with the map. And when you've set it up the way it's most helpful, you can print it or click "Get this view" to grab a link to share.

To-Do List (Next Steps after NSO)

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