Exam Proctoring: Student Disabilities Resources

Exam Proctoring: Student Disabilities Resources

The success of the Testing Center is a team effort, therefore, it is important everyone understands their personal responsibilities in the Testing Center process. In the past, we have been lenient with both students and faculty in regards to following the procedures. However, it has become more and more difficult to run an efficient testing center without the full support and cooperation of all parties involved. With that being said, please review the steps in the testing procedures to ensure the use of the SDR Testing Center is a seamless process. 

Step 1:

  • Faculty member notifies the student when the exam/quiz will be given in class—either verbally or on the syllabus.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Student notifies the faculty member of their scheduled exam time with use of the SDR Testing Center Exam/Quiz Request Form
    • The faculty member reserves the right to inform the student when this form must be given to them. This should be discussed at the same time the accommodation letter is given to the faculty member. It is always a great practice to follow up with the student through email clarifying the agreement for turning in the form (i.e., must be turned in one week prior, one class period before, etc.).
    • NOTE: The Testing Center WILL NOT proctor exams without the COMPLETED SDR Testing Center Exam/Quiz Request Form.
    • If the faculty member does not receive the form from the student, it will be assumed the student intends on taking the exam in the classroom. It is NOT the responsibility of the faculty member to track down the student to obtain the form.

Step 4:

  • The faculty  member will complete the proctoring instructions on the SDR Testing Center Exam/Quiz Request Form and deliver both the form and the exam/quiz to the Testing Center.
    • Turning in an incomplete form is not helpful to the testing center staff. The ASC cannot be held responsible for proctoring an exam incorrectly when the faculty member fails to complete the form properly.
    • Exams/quizzes MUST be delivered to the testing center BEFORE the scheduled exam day and time. HOWEVER, if the test is to be given in an alternative format, the Testing Center MUST receive the exam/quiz a minimum of TWO WORKING DAYS before.
    • NOTE: The testing center WILL NOT proctor exams without the COMPLETED SDR Testing Center Exam/Quiz Request form. 
    • If the testing center does not receive the form from the faculty, it will be assumed the faculty member will be proctoring the exam for the student without the use of the testing center. It is NOT the responsibility of the Testing Center staff to track down the faculty member to obtain the exam/quiz and form.

Step 5:

  • The student will show up for their scheduled time to take the exam and the proctor will follow the directions provided by the faculty member.
    • Because there are often multiple testers at one time, it is plausible that the student may not start their exam at the exact time for which they are signed up. The proctor will record the start and end time of the exam.

Step 6:

  • The faculty member must return to the Testing Center to pick up the exam.

If at any time in the process you have questions or concerns, please contact either Marla Minnich or Kendra Wolgast. We both appreciate your attention to following the procedures of the Testing Center.