Penn State Lives Here

One of Penn State Mont Alto's buildings viewed through fall foliage

We are... a "Big Ten"  internationally renowned university close to home, offering five baccalaureate and eight associate degrees and certificate programs taught by Penn State faculty.

We are...celebrating our second century of excellence and education in the region.

We are...a teaching / learning / research institution for undergraduate education and for lifelong continuing education.

We are...a small campus with a big degree.

We are...a partner in educational collaborations to improve the quality of life for our community through contract training, enrichment programs, and service projects.

We are...committed to the highest quality in teaching, research, scholarship, and service to our campus, our students, our communities, and our professions.

We are...Penn State.

Penn State Mont Alto students surrounding the Nittany Lion mascot


To improve our local, regional, and global communities by providing a high-quality university education.


To provide students with opportunities for a high-quality education, expand the boundaries of knowledge through research and scholarship, and contribute to the socio-economic well-being and cultural enrichment of our communities.


We value every member of our campus community and the respectful treatment of others.

We commit to honesty and integrity and to assuming personal responsibility in our relationships with others.

We believe in excellence, providing education that is rigorous, well-rounded, and relevant, and helping to prepare productive members of the community.

We contribute to local and global efforts to make our world a more sustainable place for future generations.

We value discovery and the creation and dissemination of new knowledge.