Hazardous Materials Spill

Hazardous Materials Spill

  • Report all hazardous spills to Police Services at 717-749-6070. If it is an emergency, activate the building alarm.
  • Report the material involved, if known, and location.
  • Key person should vacate the area and prevent further contamination until Police Services arrive.
  • Anyone who may be contaminated should avoid contact with others and give their names to Police Services.
  • University Police will contact the Director of Physical Plant.
  • University Police will contact the Director of Business
  • University Police will implement the necessary SPCC/PPC protocol.
  • University Police will notify the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services for additional assistance if the spill is determined to have significant potential threats to health and safety.
  • University Police will establish a secure perimeter for all high-impact spills.
  • Physical Plant will shut down all utilities and active work sites in the effected area as required.
  • Spill cleanup will be conducted by designated personnel. In the event of a nuisance or moderate spill, Physical Plant and University Police personnel will likely be the only persons required to contain, recover and package the waste material. In the event of a high-impact spill, it may become necessary to have a hazardous materials waste disposal team or a contractor to remediate the spill. A determination of appropriate personnel will be based on established SPCC/PPC protocol.
  • The Director of Business, in consultation with other effected department directors, will determine if an evacuation of any specific area or building is required.

If it is determined that an evacuation is required:

  • Appropriate shelter location(s) will be identified and arrangements made for transportation and food.
  • The campus community will be advised of actions being taken by communication from designated building monitors, postings and any other means determined to be appropriate.
  • Effected buildings will be securely locked and entrance will be denied to all unauthorized persons until such time as a determination is made that routine activities can be safely resumed.
  • Public Relations will be advised if the spill will affect the community beyond the premise of the campus. Arrangements will be made for a media announcement of the actions being taken by the University.

If it is determined that no evacuation is required:

  • The Director of Business will communicate to the directors of the effected departments that no evacuation will be undertaken.
  • The University Police and Physical Plant staff will determine when the spill has been properly remediated and will notify the Director of Business.
  • The Director of Business will arrange for communication to the campus community when normal operations can be resumed.