Business Degree

Business Degree

Earn a Business degree close to home at Penn State Mont Alto: prepare for a career in the workplace of the future with a Bachelor of Science in Business.

You want to become a flexible business professional, equipped to adapt to the ever-changing workplace of the future. The Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) is an upper-division, professionally-oriented business degree for individuals who are seeking broad based preparation in business. The degree combines the core business disciplines, notably management, marketing, finance, and logistics, with applied study in a practical setting, especially the small-business climates across most of the Commonwealth. Through the choice of an 18-credit option, students develop a specialty related to a key business sector. Students also develop written and oral communication skills throughout the program, acquire contemporary computer skills, and engage in active and collaborative learning.

BSB Program Opportunities

  • Learn practical skills such as team building and collaboration
  • Learn core business essentials such as accounting, finance, management, project management, supply chain / logistics, and marketing from outstanding Penn State faculty
  • Gain on-the-job experience through internships and work with local corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits
  • Work in teams, manage projects, learn how to give oral and electronic presentations, and lead groups
  • Learn how to manage time, creatively and constructively solve problems, improve productivity, and better serve the customer
  • Develop the strong written and oral communications and technological skills necessary to effectively compete in today's workforce.

Through a series of diverse courses, students also create a personal portfolio that includes a combination of oral, written, and electronic presentations they can later use during their job search. A senior project, internship, or independent study with area businesses also will broaden a student’s understanding of the connection between the classroom and the workplace. Our team has worked hard to establish well-paid internship opportunities with major companies for our students.

The BSB program is suitable for a wide range of students, including recent high school graduates, returning adult students, and transfer students from other colleges and universities. It is also an excellent option for students wishing to stay close to home but interested in the prestige of a Penn State degree.

Graduates from the BSB program at Penn State Mont Alto are sought after to such a degree that there are more jobs available than graduates. 

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