Associate Degree Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Finish a vocational degree in two years! Penn State Mont Alto offers seven associate degrees.

Penn State is an internationally recognized comprehensive university, offering more than 160 undergraduate majors, plus hundreds of possibilities for double majors, minors, options, and other ways to tailor your education to your interests.

Customize Your Education

Breadth and depth are some of the things that make Penn State special — Penn State students have the opportunity to explore many fields of study. You might combine your intended major with a very different minor — say, a major in marketing with a minor in geography — to prepare yourself for a specific career. Or you might just want to explore fields you've never studied before, and at Penn State you have almost limitless choices.

In addition to the programs listed above, you can start more than 160 other degree programs at Mont Alto and complete those programs at another campus location (the 2+2 Plan). For more information on academic departments and programs not listed above, check out the links below to the other academic departments within the university.