Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Francis Achampong [email protected]
Campus Chancellor, Chancellor's Office
Conklin Hall, 202 717-749-6061
Randall Ackerman [email protected]
Director, Campus Development
George Perry House, 103 717-749-6116
Eliel Acosta-Solalinde [email protected]
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Conklin Hall, 101 717-749-6141
Shawn Albright [email protected]
Network and Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services
Goddard House, 203 717-749-6300
Khaled Amleh [email protected]
Associate Professor, Engineering
Sci-Tech, 314 717-749-6208
Jay Arcuri [email protected]
Director of Student Affairs
Mazhar Ali Awan [email protected]
Lecturer, Economics
Sci-Tech, 214 717-749-6151
Somjit Barat [email protected]
Associate Professor, Baccalaureate Business Program
Goddard House, 201 717-749-6207
Carranda Barkdoll [email protected]
Program Coordinator & Assistant Teaching Professor, Baccalaureate Nursing Program
Sci-Tech, 104F 717-749-6205
Darla Barkdoll [email protected]
Food Service Janitorial Worker, Housing and Food Services
The Mill 717-749-6080
Paul Bart [email protected]
Program Coordinator & Lecturer, Baccalaureate Information Technology Program
Program Coordinator & Lecturer, Associate Information Technology Program
Bookstore, 6 717-749-6241
David Beardsley [email protected]
Regional Strategic Partner, Human Resources
Conklin Hall, 203 717-749-6248
Shaun Beaver [email protected]
Custodial Supervisor, Building Operations
Physical Plant 717-749-6035
David Beecher [email protected]
Lecturer, History
Sci-Tech, 214 717-749-6151
Joshua Beidel [email protected]
Maintenance Mechanic B, Building Operations
Physical Plant 717-749-6226
Brandi Biesecker [email protected]
Development Assistant, Campus Development
George Perry House, 102 717-749-6105
Karen Bingaman [email protected]
Maintenance Worker Utility, Building Operations
Physical Plant 717-749-6226
Tiffany Bloyer [email protected]
Lecturer, Management
Sci-Tech, 214 717-749-6151
Kimberly Bohn [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Associate Forest Technology Program
Sci-Tech, 209 717-749-6200
Kevin Boon [email protected]
Associate Professor, English
Faculty, Honors Program
General Studies, 211 717-749-6096