Health Policy and Administration Degree

Health Policy and Administration Degree

Earn a HPA degree close to home at Penn State Mont Alto: prepare for a business career in the health care industry with a Bachelor of Science in HPA. 

The Health Policy and Administration (HPA) program at Penn State Mont Alto is in collaboration with Penn State Harrisburg's School of Public Affairs. HPA is a blend of courses in liberal arts, business administration, and the health sciences, designed to prepare students for careers or further study in health care. HPA students can use the degree to prepare for careers in the health care industry, as well as for graduate study in business, law, medicine or allied health fields, health administration, health services research or policy, and public health.

The HPA major gives students a lot of flexibility to select courses that fit their personal and professional goals. However, the flexibility means you bear a major responsibility—together with your faculty mentor and academic adviser—for designing a curriculum (a set of courses) that fits your goals.

The key to successful completion of this major is to plan a curriculum that establishes a foundation for your future in health care. This plan will guide your choice of HPA courses, supporting courses from other departments, elective courses, selection of a minor (if any), and internship site.

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