Information Technology Degree

Information Technology Degree

Earn an Information Sciences and Technology degree close to home at Penn State Mont Alto: prepare for career where business meets technology with a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology.

IST is video gaming, medical information, business management, and government security. It’s people coming together with the technology that we all use every day. IST means:

  • Figuring out how people use technology, at work or just for fun.
  • Taking information from businesses and analyzing it to find solutions.
  • Creating and managing information systems to help industry and government agencies stop hackers, identity thieves, and other cyber criminals.
  • Keeping information from lots of places organized so that companies can keep moving forward.
  • Helping doctors and researchers use technology to manage information about diseases and helping hospitals and health insurance agencies keep track of patient information.

Additional Resources

Security and Risk Analysis (SRA) Minor:

Penn State Mont Alto also offers a minor in Security and Risk Analysis (SRA). The minor is intended to familiarize students with the general framework and multidisciplinary theories that define security and related risk analysis.

Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Minor:

This minor is structured to provide students with the theoretical frameworks and skill sets necessary to compete and be productive in the information technology-intensive global context that defines the new "Information Age."

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