Letters, Arts, and Sciences Degree

Letters, Arts, and Sciences Degree

Earn a Letters, Arts, and Sciences degree close to home at Penn State Mont Alto.

The Letters, Arts and Sciences (LASCC) baccalaureate program is a multi-disciplinary, theme-oriented, student-designed major.  Motivated, creative students interested in an individualized course of study find the LASCC degree attractive. The flexibility of the LAS program helps a student prepare for a wide range of careers.

Consider our LASCC program if...

You want to complete a baccalaureate degree at Penn State Mont Alto and your interests span more than one discipline. LASCC is a good fit if you have a unique mix of interests and want to build a specific combination of skills.

Each LASCC degree is unique and designed by the individual!

Before entering the major, the student collaborates with the LASCC adviser to formulate an academic plan to meet his/her education and career goals.  The major (36 credits) includes courses in four skill areas (research proficiency, communication, critical thinking, and application of theory) and addresses a theme through five senior-level courses drawn from at least three subject areas and three additional courses at any level.  Students may not duplicate existing Penn State majors.  An important standard for entrance to the Letters, Arts, and Sciences major is the student's ability to design a program with academic integrity worthy of a bachelor of arts degree.

Students must have a completed academic plan plus a GPA of at least 2.0 with 27.5 credits completed to be eligible for entrance into this major.  Students may enter this degree from pre-major status at Penn State, after completing and associate degree, or as students with transfer credits from another college or earned during military service.  Students who have completed 91 credits may not enter this major.  Students with fewer than 27.5 credits should start in a pre-major status.

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The individual student will work closely with Dr. Lauraine Hawkins, the program coordinator, each semester to ensure that s/he is making due progress toward the degree.

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