Psychology Degree

Psychology Degree

Psychology is coming soon to Penn State Mont Alto! The program’s official opening is Fall 2018.

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Psychology is the study of human thought and behavior, examining the interaction of the brain, environment, and action. Psychology has a strong history of scientific methodology used to explore these interconnections. Students in the Mont Alto Campus Psychology program will develop a knowledge base consisting of concepts, theory, research findings, and trends within psychology, learning about the importance of the scientific method and application of psychology to help solve problems related to behavior, mental processes, personal, as well as social issues. Students should also develop information and computer competence, communication skills, and develop realistic ideas about how to implement their psychology education in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings. The psychology program will focus also on critical thinking skills, research methodology and statistics, and enhanced writing skills.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

The major may lead to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The B.A. degree incorporates a broad exposure to the many facets of the field of psychology, in addition to the B.A. requirements. The B.S. degree provides the same exposure to the field of psychology and adds options in Science and Business to prepare students for more specific career directions.

Complementary programs on Campus

The psychology program at Mont Alto Campus is designed to fit well with the other campus programs such as Business, Health Policy Administration, and Human Development and Family Studies so students can focus apply their understanding of thought and behavior to these domains. It is committed to improving educational practices, facilitating human performance in organizations, and promoting psychological health and social and emotional wellbeing.

Graduation and Beyond

Through coursework and undergraduate research projects, students develop skills relevant to career objectives such as counseling, human and health services, psychological and health assessment and rehabilitation, program planning, and evaluation and research. The psychology degree enables students to prepare for professional, managerial, or scientific roles in health and human services professions, public and nonprofit agencies, and business and industry, as well as for advanced professional or graduate study.

A psychology degree provides students with a foundation for work in law, medicine, social work, government, and business.

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