Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Kendra Wolgast Sites
Director, Academic Support Center
Disability Contact Liaison, Academic Support Center
General Studies Building, 102A 717-749-6045
Tara Slagle
Instructor in Nursing , Nursing
Kelly Sprinkle
Lecturer, Kinesiology
MAC, 124E 717-749-6219
Annyce Stone
Instructor in English , English
Sci-Tech Building, 214 717-749-6151
Marie Thompson
Instructor in Nursing, Nursing
Ashley Tkacik
Instructor, English
Sci-Tech Building, 214 717-749-6151
Stephanie Unger
Assistant Teaching Professor, Baccalaureate Nursing Program
Sci-Tech Building, 104G 717-749-6212
Carolyn Voller Sci-Tech Building, 104B 717-749-6164
Lisa Ward Sci-Tech Building, 104C 717-749-6145
Susan Wells Sci-Tech Building, 104E 717-749-6211
Ashley Wiley
Lecturer, Mathematics
General Studies Building, 203 717-749-6244
Robin Witmer-Kline
Instructor in Psychology, Social Sciences and Education
Sci-Tech Building, 214 717-749-6151
Robin Yaure
Associate Teaching Professor, Baccalaureate HDFS Program
Wiestling Hall, 112 717-749-6210
Linghao Zhong
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Science
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs , Academic Affairs
Sci-Tech Building, 315 717-749-6240
Tatiana Zidarov Bookstore, 8 717-749-6242