Scholarship Thank You Letter

Your scholarship was made possible through the generosity of donors. Share your gratitude by crafting a personal letter that expresses how much their contribution affected you - personally and educationally.

Consider following this basic structure for your letter:


Dear XXXXXX, (Using the name of the donor/group that is provided in the letter you received. See below.)

Please do not include a date in your letter as your letter will be shared with donors later in the year.

First Paragraph

Thank the donor, including the official name of the scholarship.

Second Paragraph

Tell your Penn State Mont Alto story. Include things such as your major, when you will graduate, future career aspirations and how your major will help you reach your goals, why you chose this campus, and other experiences you’ve enjoyed during your time here.

Third Paragraph

Describe the impact the scholarship will have for you and your family. How the scholarship allows you to work less and participate in other things. This would be a good place to mention any clubs, sports, or organizations that you’re involved in and how those experiences have helped you grow.

Technical Guidelines

  • Type your letter in a Word document – not a PDF
  • Address the person or group noted in your award letter
  • Mention the scholarship by full name in your introduction
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Be sincere
  • Double check for typos and grammatical errors
  • Use a formal closing (e.g. Warm regards, With appreciation, Sincerely, etc.) and your name below the closing

Once your letter is complete, please upload it to the form below. It will undergo a brief review process and suggested edits will be returned to you via email. You can add more scholarship names and letters if you are receiving multiple scholarships. One letter should be done per scholarship.

Once you receive your revisions, please add a digital signature, and email the letter to the Office of Development and Alumni Relations on campus.

Later in the year, we will share these letters with the donors and invite them to meet you at a reception. Your participation means a lot to our donors, so please put in the time to show how much you care.