Employer Registration of Penn State Mont Alto Student Internships

Please refer to the email that you received when the student registered this intership opportunity.  You'll need some of the information listed there.

When a student has applied and been accepted for this opportunity, that student will start the internship registration process online.  You'll then be provided what you need in order to verify the internship.

Employer Information
Supervisor Information
Internship Information
List either hourly wage ($/hour) or full amount of stipend.
Primary responsibilities and duties of the intern, location, travel requirements, office/work space available, etc.
What skills, training, minimum qualifications are needed for the student to be competitive and successful throughout the experience?
Student / Intern Information
Please type 'ongoing' if this opportunity will be possible from year to year.
Semester of Internship / Field Experience
You may select more than one semester.
If an online application is desirable, please be sure to include web address. Please don't forget any special instructions that would benefit the student.