College for High School Students Frequently Asked Questions

Early to College and Dual Enrollment

Can students take classes through the ETC Program over the summer?

Yes. A student who has finished their junior year are eligible to apply for the ETC program. Be aware that courses over the summer are limited and are very different from the courses throughout the year. Summer courses are also more condensed than the fall and spring courses. They meet more times during the week and typically run for about 6- 8 weeks.

What is the 50% tuition reduction scholarship?

When a student is accepted to the ETC Program they are automatically awarded a scholarship from Penn State that reduces the cost of tuition for the course by half. An ETC student is eligible for this scholarship for up to 8 credits per semester and as long as the student receives a "C" or better in each ETC course that scholarship will be awarded for all ETC courses.

What courses will students be allowed to enroll in?

Students in the ETC will benefit most by choosing a course which fulfills a General Education requirement. These tend to be courses which do not have any prerequisite requirements. General Education requirements typically work for any degree at Penn State and are the easiest to transfer to other colleges and universities. Students will discuss class opportunities with their guidance counselors and the PSU Admissions representative. If a student is interested in taking either math or English, a placement test is required to specify which level they are able to schedule.

Can I just call the Registrar to schedule my classes or schedule my classes online?

No. Students must add and/or drop their ETC courses through the ETC Coordinator in the Admissions Office. Even returning students must go through the admissions representative to ensure that they are awarded the 50% tuition reduction scholarship. 

How do I get my courses to transfer to another University?

Students who would like to get their transcripts from Penn State sent to another college or university must fill out the Official Transcript Form (click here). If you have any questions regarding your transcripts, please contact the Registrar's Office at 717-749-6067.

How do I get my courses to transfer to Penn State University?

You don't have to do a thing! Your courses are automatically added to your PSU record.