Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing home administrators supervise, plan, develop, monitor, and maintain appropriate standards of care throughout all departments in the nursing home. The administrator must have effective communication, leadership, and business skills in order to be successful.

This Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators-approved specialty program is designed to provide core knowledge for those interested in pursuing a career in the long term care administration field. The courses may also satisfy State of Pennsylvania license renewal requirements. 

 Course Overview - 120-Hour Training Program

Course Scope

Consisting of sixteen courses, each seven-and-a-half hours in length, the 120-hour program is taught by Penn State University faculty and subject matter experts.  

The fall session has eight classes and the spring session has eight.

This training program satisfies the 120-hour education component as part of the NHA exam candidate application.  For information on qualifying for the NHA exam please visit the PA State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators webpage.

Spring 2022 Course Details 

  • Dates: 6 to 9 p.m., Mondays and Wednesdays, January 18 to March 9, 2022
  • Delivery: Live online via Zoom
  • Cost: $175 per 7.5 hour class, totaling $2,800 for all 16 classes


Spring 2022 Schedule

January 18 and 19, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5052) Risk Management, Safety, and Insurance 
Session describes risk management in a long-term care facility.  Liability and safety issues, insurance issues, and worker compensation issues will be presented. 
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January 24 and 26, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5038) Preparing for Licensure/Certification/Accreditation Surveys, and Meeting Other Regulatory Requirements 
Review of the preparation for Licensure certification, accreditation surveys and meeting other regulatory requirements. This module reviews the standards of state and federal regulations. 

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January 31 and February 2, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5045) Understanding Regulations, Deficiencies, Plans of Correction and Quality Assurances 
Overview of the compliance of state and federal regulations to prevent deficiencies. Examples of citations, appropriate plans of action and quality assurance are also presented. 

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February 7 and 9, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5048) Health Support Services, Pharmacy, Medical Records & Diagnostic Services 
Review of Health support services including pharmacy, medical records and diagnostic services. Will discuss pharmaceutical requirements of the elderly and regulations regarding safe drug and treatment administration. 

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February 14 and 16, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5051) Social Services, Family and Community Relationships, and Resident Rights 
Overview of social services, family and community relationships and resident’s rights. Regulations and the role of social services in the Long-Term Care community. Examples and resources that meet resident’s, family and community needs will be discussed. 

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February 22 and 23, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5042) Fiscal Management, Budget and Accounting 
This session focuses on the financial management of the long term care facility, budgeting and accounting. 

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February 28 and March 2, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5039) Administration, Organization and Management of the Long Term Care Facility 
This session focuses on administration, organization, and management of the long term care facility, with emphasis on current and future health care issues. 

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March 7 and 9, 2022 from 6:00-9:30pm 
(HPA 5041) PA Nursing Homes: Government in Healthcare Policy and Regulation 
The Role of Government in Health Care Policy Regulation and Reimbursement - This module discusses government involvement in establishing long term care rules and regulations. 

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Many US states and territories require professional licensure/certification to be employed. If you plan to pursue employment in a licensed profession after completing this program, please visit the Professional Licensure/Certification Disclosures by State interactive map.