Kira Hamman

Kira Hamman
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mathematics
Director, Honors Program
Office Phone
Office Location
Wiestling Hall, 211
Penn State Mont Alto | 1 Campus Drive | Mont Alto, PA 17237

    Kira Hylton Hamman


    M.A., Mathematics, 1999
    B.A., Mathematics, 1994

    Courses Taught

    • MATH 034: The Mathematics of Money
    • MATH 036: Mathematics and Democracy
    • MATH 140: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
    • MATH 140H: Honors Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
    • PSU 8T: Honors First-Year Seminar - Modern Ethics
    • STAT 100: Statistical Concepts and Reasoning

    Faculty Scholarly Activities

    1. Hamman, K. (2019). Mathematics in Service to Democracy. In G. Karaali & L. Khadjavi (Eds.), Mathematics for Social Justice (19-22).
    2. Hamman, K. (2019). What Does 'Fair' Mean? In G. Karaali & L. Khadjavi (Eds.), Mathematics for Social Justice (193-205).
    3. Hamman, K., Piercey, V., & Tunstall, L. (2019). Numeracy and Social Justice: A Wide, Deep, and Longstanding Intersection. Numeracy, 12(1).
    4. Hamman, K., & Kung, D. The Power of Quantitative Literacy in an Era of Alternative Facts, Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, MD. (January 17, 2019)
    5. Hamman, K. Axiomatic Systems and Reverse Mathematics, Maryland-DC-Virginia Section Meeting, Richmond, VA. (November 3, 2018)
    Research Interests

    My first love is set theory, a branch of mathematical logic. More recent work has been in parts of recursion theory and the philosophy of mathematics.


    Mathematics in Service to Democracy - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2019

    What Does Fair Mean? - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2019

    Herald-Mail - January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2019

    Numeracy and Social Justice: A Wide, Deep, and Longstanding Intersection, Numeracy - January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2019

    Curbing Catastrophe: Natural Hazards and Risk Reduction in the Modern World, Numeracy - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2018

    A Numerate Life, Numeracy - January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2018

    In Defense of the Numerate Citizen, Numeracy - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2017

    Jurdak, Vithat, et al. Social and Political Dimensions of Mathematics Education, MAA Reviews - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2017

    A Delicate Balance: Quantitative Literacy and Equity, Focus - December, 2016

    Sustainable Energy: Without the hot air, Numeracy - June, 2016

    The Language of Mathematics, MAA Reviews - June, 2016

    Calculus and Zombies, Math Horizons - September, 2015

    Why STEM Should Care about the Humanities, The Chronicle of Higher Education - April (2nd Quarter/Spring), 2013

    One Person, One Vote: A Module for Quantitative Literacy, PCTM Magazine - January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2010

    Against Assessment, Academe - September, 2009


    MA, Mathematics, Dartmouth College

    BA, Mathematics, Smith College