Lauraine Hawkins

Lauraine Hawkins
Assistant Professor, Biology
Sci-Tech, 208
Penn State Mont Alto | 1 Campus Drive | Mont Alto, PA 17237

Lauraine Hawkins


B.S. Biology, Virginia Tech
Ph.D. Biology, University of New Mexico

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 110: Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity
  • BIOL 120N: Plants, Places, and People
  • BIOL 161: Human Anatomy and Physiology I - Lecture
  • BIOL 163: Human Anatomy and Physiology II - Lecture
  • BIOL 220W: Biology: Populations and Communities
  • BIOL 240W: Biology: Function and Development of Organisms
  • BIOL 434: Pathobiology of Emerging Infectious Disease
  • BIOL 461: Contemporary Issues in Science and Medicine
  • ANTH 129N (HIST 129N; PLANT 129N): Chocolate Worlds

Faculty Scholarly Activities

  1. Welcoming your students into Canvas. Penn State University Canvas Day 2018.
  2. Tools available to assist with accessibility compliance. 2016.
  3. Inclusive engagement in science. Transformative Teaching and Learning. Schreyer Institite for Teaching Excellence, Penn State University, 2015.
  4. Inventory of Macrofungi in Four National Capital Region Network Parks. Natural Resource Technical Report. National Park Service. 2007. (Co-author, Elizabeth Brantley)

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Macrofungi of Four Mid-Atlantic National Parks, Inoculum - July (3rd Quarter/Summer), 2008

Inventory of Macrofungi in Four National Capital Region Network Parks, Natural Resource Technical Report at… - November, 2007

National Park Service permit applications

Fungal interactions with animals: a primer for teachers., Inoculum - August, 2004

National Park Service permit applications

CERT, Certificate in Online Teaching, Penn State University

Ph D, Biology