Penn State Mont Alto announces fall 2016 Faculty & Staff Colloquy Series

Penn State Mont Alto Lion
Credit: Penn State

During fall 2016, Penn State Mont Alto will host three Faculty & Staff Colloquy Series sessions in the Heritage Room of The Millstream Café on the University’s campus from 12:20 to 1:10 p.m. The events are open to the public and free of charge. Light refreshments will be provided. The Colloquy Series presents current research in an informal environment at a level that is accessible to a general audience.
• Sept. 14 ― “Aspects of Math, Physics, and Music,” by Michael Doncheski, Penn State Mont Alto chief academic officer and professor of physics ― The strong connection between music, math, and physics will be examined, including: musical notes, how we produce them and the mathematical relationships between them; musical scales, how we use a particular set of notes to make music; and timbre, how the unique sounds of different musical instruments come about.
• Oct. 31 ― “What I Did on My Sabbatical, or Why Blake Scholars Cry,” by Susan Graf, Penn State Mont Alto professor of English ― William Blake is one of the more enigmatic writers in the English canon. There are many reasons. Although much scholarship has been accomplished regarding Blake since the 19th century, we still do not have a full or clear idea about who he was, what he thought, or even whether he was sane. Graff will discuss her scholarly adventure in the realm of Blake studies during her sabbatical in spring 2016.
• Nov. 16 ― “Can the United States Maintain Its Consumer-Based Economy in the Face of the Severe Decline in the Middle Class?” by Steve Holoviak, Penn State Mont Alto professor of business management ― The past 20 years have witnessed a gradual reduction in the size of the United States middle class. Recently published data shows the U.S. does not hold a prominent position compared to other first-world economies in the size of its middle class. Consumer-based economies depend heavily on large, middle class spending to support their Gross Domestic Product levels. What does this mean to our society?

For more information, contact Debra Collins, director of public relations and marketing, at 717-749-6112 or at [email protected].