Penn State Mont Alto announces Fall Colloquy Series

Associate Professor Peter Linehan describes a drone.

Peter Linehan, Penn State Mont Alto associate professor of Forestry, talks about the use of drones to a group of Mont Alto alumni.

Credit: Penn State

Penn State Mont Alto has announced its fall 2015 Fall Colloquy Series which presents current research by Mont Alto faculty in an informal environment at a level that is accessible to a general audience. All events begin at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays, in the Heritage Room of The Mill Café on campus. The events are open to the public free of charge. Coffee is provided and discussion is encouraged.

  • Sept. 23—“A Drone in Your future,” Peter Linehan, associate professor of forest technology, will demonstrate how the lower costs and improved capabilities of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) are making them increasingly useful for forestry, agriculture and many other applications.
  • Oct. 21 — “The Flute from Mythology to Rock Music,” Morgan Jenkins, senior instructor in music, will trace the ancient myth of the birth of the flute, created by the God “Pan” in ancient Arcadia,  to modern times when it was transformed by new playing techniques featured in the rock group Jethro Tull.
  • Nov. 18—“Mobility Projects in the Middle East,” Thomas Glumac, former director of Physical Therapist Assistant Program and senior instructor in physical therapy, will talk about his experience of providing wheelchairs to children in Palestine.

Colloquy Series topics range from philosophy to physics to pedagogy; past semesters have included such topics as the role of religion in society, the current state of cancer research, communication in the digital age, the astronomy of dark matter, and the mathematical understanding of the infinite.

For more information, contact Debra Collins, director of public relations and marketing, at 717-749-6112 or [email protected]