Overview of the Community Standards Process

Whenever a student is alleged to have violated a residence hall policy, s/he must meet with a Residence Life staff person.

There are three potential outcomes to this meeting:

  • Student found not responsible – the student states that s/he was not involved in the reported incident and the staff person agrees. The student is then found not responsible and no sanction is assigned.
  • Student found responsible – the student admits that s/he was involved in the reported incident. The staff person will then assign a sanction.
  • Administrative hearing – the student states that s/he was not involved in the reported incident, but the staff person disagrees. At this time, the student will be granted an Administrative Hearing with the Associate Director of Student Affairs or Director of Student Affairs. Determination of the Hearing Officer is based upon which staff member met with the student for the initial conference. The student can bring witnesses and the Hearing Officer will, in all likelihood, call witnesses. The Hearing Officer will then make a decision, which is final. If the Hearing Officer finds the student responsible for the behavior, s/he will assign a sanction.