ResCom Support

Penn State Housing provides an Internet connection for students living on campus as part of your room and board.  The Information Technology Services Department is here to assist you get connected and stay connected to the ResCom Network. Please feel free to call, write, or visit the ITS HelpDesk for assistance.  Our contact information can be found on the ITS Homepage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I connect to the ResCom network in my residence hall?

A complete connection procedure is available via the ResCom Network Connection Procedure.

Q: I just registered, how will I know when my connection is active?

Connection requests are processed immediately with a typical connection becoming active within a few seconds after registration.  In rare cases there can be a delay with a connection taking no more than 2 hours to be processed and an active connection established.  There will be no obvious visual indication that your connection is active.  If you are unable to access the Internet within a few hours after registration, please call or visit the ITS HelpDesk.

Q: My connection was working but now I can't access the Internet, what should I do?

Check the obvious first, ensure your network cable isn't damaged and is securely plugged into both the wall jack and your computer.  If that doesn't correct the problem, you should check your e-mail in the event you were infected with a virus or other malware.  In order to protect other computers and the integrity of the ResCom network as a whole, Security Operations & Services will disconnect any computer from the ResCom netwrok if it is found to have a virus or is behaving suspiciously, that is communicating with known or suspected botnets.  Any recently installed software may also have impacted your network connection.  An example here would be a security suite, particulary one containing a firewall.  If you've checked all of these, please call of visit the ITS HelpDesk.

Q: I changed dorm rooms and now I can't access the Internet, what should I do?

If you change your dorm room, you must re-register your ResCom network connection.  To do so, follow the same procedure in the ResCom Network Connection Procedure document but first disconnect your existing connection, then re-register with your new room and jack information.  If you encounter any issues or would like us to perform this action on your behalf, please call or visit the ITS HelpDesk.

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