Information Technology Degree

Prepare for a career where technology meets business.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree provides you with the understanding, knowledge, skills, applications, and practices you need to make an immediate impact in the field of Information Technology. Students who major in IT develop an understanding of core information technologies and prepare for the practical application of Information Technology within all types of businesses and organizations.

The broad technical foundation students gain positively impacts their success.

  • Gain a strong technical foundation
  • Sharpen your ability to think critically 
  • Develop communication skills
  • Learn to collaborate in a team environment
  • Engage in problem-solving

IT Program Features

  • Internships
  • Team projects
  • Hands-on activities and real-world problems
  • Senior capstone project
  • Undergraduate research

Options (12-13 credit specialization)

Specialized components provide an additional focus that gets students involved in the cutting-edge issues and technologies of the field and allows flexibility to meet the regional and national needs of our employers and especially our students.

  • Networking. Prepares students to pursue careers in the design, development, and support of complex networks and networking infrastructure. 
  • Business Applications.  Prepares students to pursue careers in Information Technology solving business organizations problems with an emphasis on the systems processes and business operations integration.
  • Cybersecurity.  Provides students with the knowledge and cyber defense skills needed to critically assess and respond to modern information security threats. They will be prepared to protect information infrastructure and data from attacks and unauthorized access.
  • Custom.  Provides the opportunity for students to pursue an approved information technology

Course Topics 
The addition of a business course will provide curricular emphasis that will help our graduates to be more competitive in the job market. 

Additional technology courses both at the lower and advanced levels will ensure that students are gaining skills that reflect the changes and complexity of the discipline and ensure that graduates have the types of skills prospective employers value. 

  • Application and Web Programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business and IT Project Management
  • Databases
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Networking
  • Advanced IT Topics
  • Your Future in IT 

This BS degree in Information Technology prepares students to enter graduate school or step into an IT career, full speed ahead.  Our graduates are well-qualified to enter the workforce in IT positions that meets their interests and abilities as well as the needs of employers.

  • Consulting
  • Technology/Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Government/Defense Contracting
  • Insurance/Healthcare
  • Manufacturing