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Psychology Degree

Psychology Degree

Start your Penn State story with one of four psychology degree options at Mont Alto.

Psychology is the study of human thought and behavior, examining the interaction of the brain, environment, and action. Psychology has a strong history of scientific methodology used to explore these interconnections.

Why Study Psychology?

Mont Alto offers four different psychology degree options:

  • bachelor of arts degree
  • bachelor of science degree, business option
  • bachelor of science degree, science option

The bachelor of arts degree incorporates a broad exposure to the many facets of the field of psychology in addition to the bachelor of arts requirements. The bachelor of science degree provides the same exposure to the field of psychology; however, students can choose an option to focus on either science or business to prepare for more specific career directions. For more information, visit the Psychology: Courses for Everyone page.

What You’ll Learn

The psychology program focuses on critical thinking skills, research methodology and statistics, and enhanced writing skills. Students in the program can expect to:

  • grow a knowledge base consisting of concepts, theory, research findings, and trends within psychology;
  • learn about the importance of the scientific method and application of psychology to help solve problems related to behavior, mental processes, personal, and social issues;
  • develop information and computer competence as well as communication skills;
  • determine ways to implement their psychology education in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings.

Career Opportunities

Psychology graduates have worked in the following areas:

  • individual and family mental health
  • community mental health and well being
  • educational psychology
  • health psychology
  • workplace and industry psychology
  • private or university research

For more information on future career paths, visit the Psychology: Careers and Job Opportunities page.

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