Areas to Support: Research

Areas to Support: Research

“Private gifts could play a huge role in supporting research that shows great promise for reducing the environmental impact of manufactured products we all use every day. If our efforts succeed, it may be possible to save two billion trees, 250 billion gallons of water, and 1.2 percent of energy used in the United States every year. Philanthropy can help us see that kind of result faster.”  —Jeffrey Catchmark, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering

Fostering Discovery and Creativity

Few institutions have integrated education, public service, and world-class research as successfully as Penn State. Our students thrive in an atmosphere of intellectual discovery, and both undergraduates and graduate students have the opportunity to participate in some of the most important academic, scientific, and social breakthroughs of our time while learning problem-solving methods that will benefit them in any career. Right now, Penn State faculty and students are racing to solve some of today’s toughest problems, from global terrorism to the environment to economic and educational issues. Private support can fuel these efforts and spark new collaborations with the potential to change our world.

Research Endowments: $50,000

Research endowments have the potential to yield tangible benefits beyond the University and are particularly vital in nurturing the work of junior faculty – researchers who may hold special promise and vision, but may face difficulty in acquiring funds from conventional sources.

Undergraduate Student Research

Research, traditionally categorized as an area exclusive to faculty and graduate students, is now part of the curriculum for many undergraduate students at Penn State. In many colleges, undergraduate students work in laboratories, field studies, and clinics. However, funding these research opportunities requires additional staff, time, and equipment. Consider a gift that would make a research experience available to more undergraduate students.

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