Information Technology Services: Computer Labs

Information Technology Services provides approximately 200 public workstations for academic and instructional use.  Each computer lab, podium computer, and public workstation offers a consistent computing experience.  Some specialized software packages may be available only in certain locations due to licensing restrictions.  All computer labs, as well as certain public locations, are equipped with a black and white laser printer.  Color printers are available in select locations.


General Studies 101A Computer Lab (Public Computer Lab)

  • Hours: Mon – Thu 8 am - 7 pm, Fri 8 am – 4 pm
  • Equipment: 26 Computers (2 w/Smart podiums, 6 at standing desks), two collaboration spaces & 1 wheelchair accessible

Academic Support Center Computer Lab 101E (Public Computer Lab)

  • Hours: Mon - Thu 7:30 am – 8 pm; Fri 7:30 am – 4 pm
  • Equipment: 14 Computers & 2 Desks that are wheelchair accessible

Library Computer Lab and Sign-out Laptops

  • Hours
    • Sunday: noon to 9 p.m.
    • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
    • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • Equipment: 25 Desktop Computers, 20 Laptops, One Button Studio and 3 Media Commons

Sci-Tech 313 Classroom Computer Lab

  • Hours: During open building hours, classes given priority
  • Equipment: 28 Desktop Computers

Bookstore Room 1 Classroom Computer Lab

  • Hours: During open building hours, classes given priority
  • Equipment: 28 Desktop Computers

General Studies 108 Classroom Computer Lab

  • Hours: During open building hours, classes given priority
  • Equipment: 27 Desktop Computers, 1 Desk that is wheelchair accessible

Computer Lab Login

You must have a valid Access Account user ID and password to use the computer labs at Penn State Mont Alto. If you have attended the New Student Orientation during the summer, you should have already set up your Penn State Access Account. If not, take your Penn State photo ID card to a Penn State Access Account signature station and follow the instructions there. Signature stations are located in the Library, to the right of the main entrance, the General Studies 101A Computer Lab, and the Goddard House.

Lab Chat Logo

Lab Chat Logo

Image: Penn State


To provide increased access to technology support, a new online chat service called LabChat is now available to the Penn State community in all computer labs and public workstations.  The service provides students, faculty, and staff with real-time technical assistance via online chat.  To launch a support session, double click the LabChat icon on the desktop, it looks just like the logo on the left.  Experienced lab consultants are on hand to answer support questions about a range of computing topics such as Penn State Access Accounts, popular software titles such as Microsoft Office, printing and more.  This service is great for those quick questions like 'How do I change the margins in my Word document?' or 'How do I insert a picture into Publisher?'.  If your question can not be solved via chat, a support ticket will be created to look into your issue.

Printing in Campus Computer Labs

Duplex Printing

By default, all Mont Alto computer lab printers are set to "duplex" which means that the printer will automatically print on both sides of the paper. All applications have the ability to print single sided and is usually an option in the print dialogue box or by selecting a "Properties" button from within the print dialogue box.  If you require assistance with this setting, please contact the ITS HelpDesk.

Print Billing

Penn State's print billing system was implemented to curtail the abuse of public student printers.  All campus academic printers are subject to print billing.  Each student will receive a maximum of 250 free pages and will have the ability to purchase additional pages online via their LionCash+ account. All pages are billed per sheet of paper.  Duplexed pages are billed as a single page.The following page costs are in effect for the current academic year:


Printer Type

Paper Size


Charge Per Page

Counts as # of B&W Pages

Print Billing Charges

Black & White Laser Printers

8 ½" x 11"




Color Laser Printers

8 ½" x 11"




To view your current page allotment, purchase additional pages, or to receive a refund, please visit the User Printing Management website.

To request a credit for pages billed but are unusable due to a printer error (paper jam, smudging, low toner, etc...), please visit the Print Credit Request website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Printing used to be free, why are you implementing print billing?

For many years, printing was "free" with costs paid for by the Information Technology Fee. With the introduction and increased adoption of e-books and online materials, we experienced a surge in monthly print volumes. Reports indicated that the bottom 70 percent of users accounted for only 10 percent of the monthly print volume. Records show that some users consistently printed over 1,000 pages per month. In some cases, it was discovered that large documents were being printed and never retrieved from the printer.

Q: Why should I pay for additional pages, I already pay an Information Technology Fee?

The Information Technology Fee pays for nearly all academic technology used by students. Technology such as new workstations in computer labs and audio/visual equipment would not be possible without the Information Technology Fee since student tuition is not used for student technology purchases. Printers, paper, and toner are also purchased from the Information Technology Fee. The more resources consumed by printing and its related costs reduces what can be used elsewhere to maintain the high level of technology our students are accustomed to. Print billing is designed to reduce the disproportionate number of pages that are being consumed by a small number of students.

Q: Why do I only receive 250 free pages?

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Penn State Mont Alto was presented with the question of how many free pages to allocate on a per semester basis. The number of free pages chosen was 250. Prior to the introduction of print billing, reports consistently showed that over 80 percent of students printed less than 250 pages per semester.

Q: Your system shows I have 110 free pages, why didn't I receive 250 pages?

The print billing system is maintained by University Park. University Park students are allocated only 110 free pages per semester. By default, all students start with this number. Approximately two weeks into the semester, an additional 140 pages will be added to your printing allotment. Late registrations, transfers, and other special situations can sometimes cause a student to be missed when the extra 140 pages are added. If you believe your current page count to be incorrect, please send an e-mail to [email protected] so the problem can be corrected.

Q: Are faculty and staff subject to print billing?

Yes, faculty and staff are also subject to print billing, but only in the computer labs. Faculty and staff are allocated 110 free pages per semester in the computer labs for instructional or demonstration purposes.  Other resources are available for everyday use. Once the 110 page limit is reached, faculty and staff must purchase additional pages via LionCash+ in order to resume printing.

Q: How long can I keep free pages? If I don't use them, can I obtain a refund for unused free pages?

Free pages are allocated on a per semester basis. Any remaining free pages at the end of an academic semester are forfeited. No refunds will be given for unused free pages.

Q: How long can I keep pages that I've purchased, and how can I obtain a refund for unused purchased pages?

Pages which are purchased using the User Printing Management website are perpetual and will carry forward for as long as you remain a Penn State student or employee, even if you transfer to a different campus. Once per semester, you may request a refund via the User Printing Management website for unused pages which you've purchased.

Q: Why does the printer show as 'Paused'?  Shouldn't it show as 'Ready'?

All printers subject to print billing show as paused. This is a function of the accounting software used to track page usage. This is the normal state of the printer.