What Penn State Families Should Know about Academic Life

What Penn State Families Should Know about Academic Life

The Penn State undergraduate degree is designed to help students develop a breadth of skills, as well as depth of knowledge in a content area. Breadth is structured around General Education, and depth is acquired through the major.


General Education Requirements

Academic Integrity:  It is the expectation of the University that students pursue their academics in an honest and ethical manner. Penn State takes violations of academic integrity very seriously.

Contacting Instructors:  Students are expected to contact instructors if they have questions or concerns about course content, policies, or academic performance.  College instructors are available during their office hours or by appointment. Office hours are typically listed on the course syllabus (an outline of the course content, expectations, and grading basis). Family members should encourage students to contact instructors directly.

Majors and Requirements

Penn State Mont Alto offers the best of both worlds, a small campus atmosphere with all the opportunities of a major research institution. Students at Mont Alto have many different academic goals. Some choose to start one of over 160 degree programs here and then complete their program at another Penn State campus, while other pursue both two- and four-year programs that can be completed right at Mont Alto.