Summer Student Action Guide and Calendar


*Deadlines are on the dates listed at 11:59 p.m. (ET) unless otherwise indicated. 

*Deadlines given are displayed under the following columns full-semester courses, first six-week courses, or second six-week courses. These deadlines apply to those schedules only. Students should review dates in LionPATH for dynamic-dated courses. Deadlines for part-semester courses are available in LionPATH and in the Records Office in Conklin. Starting with the first day of classes, a tuition penalty may be charged if the course is dropped.

NOTE: This calendar is subject to change without notice. In preparing the calendar for an academic year, the University makes every effort to avoid conflicts with religious holidays. However, conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. When they occur, efforts are made to make special arrangements for students. The Official University Academic Calendar is found at