Safety Program: Personal Achievement Workshop Series (PAWS)

Safety Program: Personal Achievement Workshop Series (PAWS)

Police Services at Penn State Mont Alto present different PAWS courses and other public education programs including: "Drug and Alcohol Abuse," "Sexual Violence," and "Knowing Life Skills."

A DUI driving course is also available where student's experience firsthand the effect of alcohol on motor skills.  These courses are designed to assist students with getting assimilated with living away from home, introducing them to campus safety, and educating them on Pennsylvania laws and crime prevention techniques.

Sexual Violence

Many of our students have never lived away from home in the type of group setting that a college atmosphere provides. This PAWS course instructs students of the risks and dangers of sexual assaults on campus. Prevention techniques and University resources are discussed. An overview of Pennsylvania law regarding sexual crimes is given. Students are given the opportunity to converse with one of our officers and get their questions answered.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drug addiction and abuse are societal concerns for college-aged students. This program seeks to explain the effects of drug and alcohol abuse both physically and psychologically. Several Pennsylvania laws concerning the use of alcohol or drugs are discussed. Students are granted an opportunity to ask questions regarding this topic or campus safety in general to the officer giving the presentation. Several items of confiscated paraphernalia are used for educational displays.

Life Skills

For many students living at college is the first experience they will have living on their own. This course is designed to provide them with basic skills and knowledge to help them adjust. The presentation includes a description of how to change a tire, jump-start a vehicle, as well as other general life skills. Safe driving practices are also discussed. As our students are, for the most part 18 years of age and considered adults by the legal system, a brief overview of common offenses that occur on campus, such as harassment or criminal mischief are included as well. The presentation ends with a brief overview of the Pennsylvania court system, followed by the opportunity to discuss any safety concerns or questions.