Mont Alto Alumni Society Highlights and Committees

Mont Alto Alumni Society Highlights and Committees

The Mont Alto Alumni Society has served students, alumni, faculty, and staff since its founding in 1997.

These are some of the first decade's highlights:

  • Raising more than $200,000 for newly established scholarships.
  • Receiving numerous aards for innovative programs
  • Serving as a model for other alumni societies
  • Supporting a wide variety of student events on campus
  • Hosting receptions for Mont Alto students attending University Park
  • Organizing fund-raising events such as a golf outing and 5K race
  • Gathering alumni at informal reunions, soccer games, and tailgates
  • Establishing Nursing Affiliate Program Group
  • Arranging for alumni to participate in service projects on campus

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee strengthens ties of Mont Alto alumni by:

  1. Planning on-campus activities such as reunions
  2. Involving alumni in service activities such as on-campus landscaping projects
  3. Communicating with alumni through various means

Campus Services Committee

This committee facilitates and encourages the involvement of alumni with on-campus activities throughout the year by:

  1. Serving as a vehicle for alumni to volunteer their services
  2. Involving alumni with ongoing activities of students and professors
  3. Providing an ex-officio member to the Penn State Mont Alto Advisory Board

Student Relations Committee

This committee provides service and activities for current students including:

  1. Hosting a spring graduation reception at University Park for students who previously attended the Mont Alto campus
  2. Hosting a fall reunion at University Park for students transferring from the Mont Alto campus
  3. Encouraging students to participate in campus service activities sponsored by the Alumni Society
  4. Encouraging students to participate in activities that support the involvement and development of the Mont Alto student body