Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Counseling services provides individual counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological evaluations for students, as well as prevention and consultation services for the University community.

Counseling services can help students resolve personal concerns that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, and satisfaction at Penn State. Some of the more common concerns include difficulty with friends, roommates, or family members; depression and anxiety; sexual identity; lack of motivation or difficulty relaxing, concentrating or studying; eating disorders; sexual assault and sexual abuse recovery; and uncertainties about personal values and beliefs.

We are also available to assist students in making difficult decisions, resolving relationship issues, dealing with academic pressures, coping with feelings of depression and anxiety, and other personal concerns. Call or stop by to schedule an appointment. Confidentiality in individual therapy is strictly respected.

Counseling services are free for currently enrolled students.

The Counseling office welcomes all students and embraces a philosophy respectful of diversity.  We are supportive of clients' gender, race, sexual orientation, cultural and religious backgrounds, and abilities.  We are committed to helping students deal with discrimination and identity issues.

Schedule an appointment:

Lisa DeGregorio, Staff Assistant
209 Conklin Hall

The Counselor:

Darlene Pasi, M.S. , LPC
available throughout the week with appointment

Counseling Services