Residence Life: Resident Assistants

Residence Life: Resident Assistants

An RA (Resident Assistant) is a trained student leader within the University in charge of supervising students living in a residence hall.

What does an RA do?

RA’s are responsible for building community, providing programming, completing administrative tasks, and following the guidelines set forth by the Department of Residence Life.

RA Expectations

  • Earn at least 12 credits and at least a 2.25 GPA (semester and cumulative).
  • Successfully complete and obtain a grade of “B” or higher in “The Role of the Resident Assistant: Theory and Practice” class (HI ED 302), offered during spring semester.
  • Maintain a good disciplinary standing with the University.
  • RAs are expected to abide by the same rules and regulations as the rest of the student body.
  • RAs are expected to plan and provide programs for the residents of their building.
  • The RA position is considered your main priority outside of class. Any other activities, etc., must be approved by the Department of Residence Life.
  • RAs may not be in a situation in which alcohol is being used by under-age students.

RA Compensation/Benefits

  • Room Compensation: As part of the position, an RA’s room will be compensated the entire amount of the cost of the room.
  • Board Compensation: As part of the position, an RA’s meal plan will be compensated with the level 5 meal plan.
  • Tuition Stipend: RAs receive a stipend toward their tuition. The stipend amount is not determined until after the hiring process.

Important Dates

  • RA Class: Higher Education 302 is offered during spring 2017 semester
  • RA interviews: March 2017
  • Final RA hire meeting: April 2017
  • Training*: August 2016
  • Training*: January 2017

*RAs who accept the position are expected to participate in both trainings.


Associate Director Jonathan Becksvoort