Ways to Give: Endowments

Ways to Give: Endowments

Endowed gifts are held by the University in perpetuity. The initial gift is invested, and a portion (typically about 5%) of the fund's market value is awarded annually for the purpose designated by the benefactor. Thus, the benefactor who makes an endowment gift today can feel confident it will continue to support its intended purpose far into the future.

More than 150 Penn State Mont Alto students benefit each year from privately endowed scholarships. These endowments provide dependable funds, year after year, for their designated programs. The University and its students and faculty can count on this support, no matter what the condition of revenues is from appropriations and other sources.

Endowed support allows faculty to pursue innovative teaching, research, and public service initiatives that ultimately improve the quality of life for citizens of the Commonwealth and nation. It helps Penn State to recruit students who are superbly talented and/or financially needy. By rewarding excellence, endowments are a powerful tool that the University can use to recruit and retain teachers and students of the highest caliber. Other colleges and universities are competing for this same pool of talent, however, and Penn State Mont Alto needs to do better. We need more endowment funds in order to be more competitive.

The Board of Trustees has established minimum support levels for various types of endowments to guarantee that income will be adequate to achieve the benefactor's intent — now and in perpetuity. These endowments may be named in recognition of the generosity and vision of the donors or in honor or memory of persons of the donors' choice.

Endowment Category Minimum Gifts


Type Amount
Undergraduate Student Aid
Trustee Matching Scholarship $50,000
College/Campus Scholarship $50,000
Honors College Scholarship $50,000
Destiny Scholarship $50,000
Enrichment Scholarship $50,000
Renaissance Scholarship $30,000


Type Amount
Faculty Support
Chancellor's Chair $5,000,000
Dean's Chair $5,000,000
Department Head's Chair $3,000,000
Faculty Chair $2,000,000
Professorship $1,000,000
Career Development Professorship $500,000


Type Amount
Other Endowments
Academic Departments $1,000,000
Academic Centers & Institutes Various
Lectureship $100,000
Research $50,000
Program Support $25,000
Libraries $25,000
Program Award $20,000

Learn more about how Penn State stewards gifts to its endowment.  For more information on giving to Penn State Mont Alto, please click the appropriate link on the left, or contact the Office of Development at 717-749-6105 or by email at brb15@psu.edu.