First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) at Penn State Mont Alto supports and challenges first-year students through academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.  FYE programming is designed to intellectually engage first-year and transfer students, introducing them to campus resources and opportunities for experiential learning.

During their first year at Mont Alto, students will:

  1. Develop connections with overall Penn State Mont Alto campus community members and peers.
  2. Participate in activities that promote self-exploration and personal development.
  3. Understand and utilize resources that can help them to be academically, personally, and socially successful.
  4. Gain knowledge of intellectual development skills promoting student success inside and outside the classroom.
  5. Establish an understanding of their responsibilities as citizens in the Penn State community.

"To sum up the entire Welcome Weekend into one word, I would say 'worthwhile.' It was not only very enjoyable, but it has also helped me to feel more comfortable with  my transition from high school to college, and if you ask me; that is a complete win.” Jacob Schaub