Academic Support Center (ASC)

Welcome to the Academic Support Center (ASC). Here you can find free help for most of your academic needs.  The ASC is run by professional staff, faculty members, and students who are ready and willing to help you in many subjects. So, whether you are struggling in specific areas or you just want to keep your grades up, the ASC is here to help.

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Kendra Wolgast, ASC Director

Nittany Lion at the ASC

ASC Mission

The mission of the ASC is to provide a student-centered learning environment. In collaboration with the campus community, our passionate ASC staff empowers students to pursue their academic performance goals.

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These services not all we can do for you. We also offer a comfortable place to study, either on your own or with a study group and much, much more. Stop by the Academic Support Center and let us HELP YOU SUCCEED!