Penn State Mont Alto Penn Stater Awards

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All nominations are confidential.


To annually recognize outstanding service by Penn State Mont Alto staff, faculty, and tech service employees. The award is generally presented during the End-of-Year Luncheon.


Any Penn State Mont Alto full-time staff, faculty, or tech services employee who has been employed at Mont Alto for a period of at least 12 months and has not been the recipient of the award within the past two academic years


  • Competency in, and enthusiasm for, one’s job
  • Loyalty to the University and the profession
  • Sensitivity to diverse populations
  • An advocate for students to internal and external constituencies
  • General contribution to the campus
  • Active participation and leadership
  • Has gone “above and beyond the call of duty” to the campus
  • In good standing (no disciplinary issues)


The Mont Alto campus places a high value on the creation and maintenance of a productive, diverse, and supportive community.  Therefore, it is appropriate to encourage and recognize outstanding contributions.  Contributions from employees vary greatly in scope, yet each employee has the potential to positively impact the lives of many individuals.  These awards recognize outstanding efforts by individual full-time staff, faculty, and tech services employees.


The awards will be administered by the chancellor’s office.  The previous two recipients in each area-faculty, staff, and tech services-will make up the awards selection committee. Award nominations will be made via the campus website. If a committee member is nominated for the award, they will be excused from the committee and a replacement will be named.


At the beginning of March, the chancellor’s office will announce the Penn Stater Awards and solicit nominees from the campus community.  All Mont Alto campus employees will have an opportunity to nominate a colleague in any department.  The deadline for receiving nominations will be March 31, 2024. No nominations will be considered after this deadline. The chancellor will forward all nominations to each committee.

The committee’s decision must be limited to one selection or recommend that no award be given. The award will be presented to the individual who best meets the criteria as determined by the voting ballot.


An individual plaque will be given to each recipient and a centrally-located plaque will be placed on campus.  Each recipient will have a designated parking place of his/her choice in an established lot for one year, and, where permissible, receive a cash award of $150.


Nominations for the 2024 Penn Stater Award must be received by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, March 31, 2024. 

Mont Alto Penn Stater Award Recipients


Year Faculty Tech Services Staff
2024 Kira Hamman Cherrie Koons Jay Arcuri


Barrett Scroggs Bryce Schaeffer Jenny Wetzel
2022 Lauraine Hawkins   Staci Brennan
2021 Kim Herrmann Kandyce Koons Susan Mayer
2020 Kelly Sprinkle Mike Shindle Patty Gochenauer  
2019 Renee Borromeo Donna Koster Darlene Pasi
2018 Jackie Schwab Karen Bingaman Sophia McCleaf
2017 John Bardi Fred Middaugh Sher-Ron Laud
2016 Lauraine Hawkins Judyann Royce Linda Monn
2015 Kendra Wolgast Joshua Beidel Deb Ferguson
2014 Kira Hamman Jared Shelly Deana Clevenger
2013 Peter Linehan Ron Harshman Keith Culbertson
2012 Robin Yaure Shelly Yurkovich Tim Radio
2011 Peter Dendle Kurt Schaich Pam Kauffman
2010 Renee Borromeo Deborah Michalsky Lori Royce
2009 Lauraine Hawkins Rhonda Everett Marla Minnich
2008 Al Mueller Roger Small Deb Ferguson