Admission Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the option to live on campus at Mont Alto?

YES! Mont Alto is one of only ten Penn State campuses to offer on-campus housing. We have three residence halls that each provide different and unique types of living and learning environments and can accomodate up to 460 students. For more information on the housing options available at Penn State Mont Alto, visit the Housing and Food Services website by clicking here.

Does Penn State use a wait list?

Typically, Penn State does not use a wait list. However, since the size of the applicant population and our admission criteria change from year to year, we do not rule out the possibility of using a wait list if we believe it is appropriate.

May I contact the admissions office to check the status of my application?

We ask that you resist the urge to email or call the admissions office “just to check” your application status. Heavy email and phone traffic can slow the evaluation process as it means that counselors who ordinarily would be processing and evaluating applications will instead be handling these requests for information. To check the status of your application, click here.

Does Penn State participate in an Early Action or Early Decision process?

No. Penn State does not participate in Early Action or Early Decision. However, we do recommend that all students apply before November 30th of their senior year.

Are admissions requirements for out-of-state students different from those for in-state students?

No. Penn State does not employ any geographic quotas or limitations on students attending the University. Therefore, there is no need to make use of differentiated admission criteria.

Does Penn State rank high schools?

No. Penn State does not rank or rate secondary schools. We also make no distinction between students who attended public schools and those who attended private schools.

Does Penn State require interviews?

Interviews are not typically required as part of the admission evaluation. Only special admission programs such as the provisional and education opportunity programs require admission interviews. Additionally, some academic colleges, such as the College of Arts & Architecture, may make use of an interview, audition, or portfolio review.

Is it more difficult to get admitted to some academic colleges or campuses than others?

In general, admission to all Penn State campuses and programs is competitive. The greatest level of competition tends to occur among students who indicate University Park as their first choice campus. Only 40 percent of our first-year students begin their studies at University Park. In any given year, the level of competition is extremely high for admission to this campus.